Sunday, May 23, 2010

Myths About the food industry system

I found this awesome video and article on the myths of industrial food production at cooking up a story. Check it out here!

Monday, May 17, 2010

The fried egg Burger

No it's not cheese... it's a fried egg!
This has been one of my favorite cravings. Have you ever been to Red Robin? I LOVE their royal red robin burger. It is a regular burger with a fried egg and it is heaven. Also, did you know that at Red Robin, they will wrap your burger in lettuce? YUM!

So while, I collect my royalties for my lil Red Robin plug, I will show you how I made my own fried egg burger at home.

It's really easy.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A sister's opinion of primal eating

This last week in Primal Eating Modern Table class  ( which starts June 6th by the way, sign up here) we asked our class to interview a friend or family member about the changes they've seen in them from starting class at the beginning of April till now. Here is one of the interviews we received... we laughed... a lot. You can't always get your family to eat this way... but at least you call them out for stealing sugar from Starbucks!

Paleo Interview with Caroline (My Sister)

1. Have you noticed any changes in me? You’re a skinny bitch

2. What was the magazine you saw about the celebrity that did
It was an In Touch magazine…she was a soap opera star,
Eva, or something. She said her Mother-in-Law had lost over 25
pounds on it so she trying it too. All soap stars are skinny
though…show me an article where Oprah or Kirsti Ally drop the
weight because of Paleo, then I’ll be a believer!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

But How will I get my Calcium?

I recently got a new personal training client in my door who has osteopenia. After going through my normal schpeal about food and not wanting to overwhelm my 64 year old client on eliminating too many things too soon, we came upon the subject of dairy. After I laid out to her the basis for eating only meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds she said to me " but how will I get my calcium? you are going against everything all my doctors told me about my osteopenia."

This brings up a really relevant question for people, especially ones with osteopenia or osteoporosis. I told her what I always tell people which is that before we were dairy eaters we got our calcium from plants and green leafy vegetables. She relpiled by saying that her doctor told her she wouldn't be able to eat enough of these sorts of vegetables to get enough calcium and that she needed a calcium supplement and 1500mg a day. Obviously... this answer frustrated and frightened me.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

We are not Fighting a fight, we are leading a movement

 Every movement has a few out of control examples that get the media all twisted. We came across this article from and wanted to share it with you to highlight what we are all up against when we lead by example as primal eaters. If you read the New York Times article you might know what we are talking about. The article basically sends a message about paleo eaters trying to be modern hunter gatherers, forging meat lockers in their freezing apartments and over hyping their caveman lifestyle... and it's not pretty to the non primal folk.


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